May 2021 News from the Rowan County Republican Party

Hot Off the Presses! Rowan County Republican News for May 2021

Welcome to May!

It's now May and Biden's first 100 days have proven to be a huge failure.  It's time to start planning for the 2022 midterms and sending Nancy Pelosi back to California!  

Joe Biden's 100 Days of Failure

  • Joe Biden’s first 100 days have been marked by failure after failure. 
  • In 100 days: 
    • Biden’s Open Borders Agenda Created a Border Crisis
    • Biden’s Border Crisis Boomed
    • Biden’s Crisis of Leadership on the Border
    • Border Officials Struggle to Cope with Biden’s Disastrous Agenda
    • Biden is Doubling Down on his Border Failures
    • Biden’s Anti-Energy Agenda is Destroying Jobs
    • Biden is Proposing Massive Job-Destroying Tax Hikes
    • Biden’s Proposal is not an Infrastructure Package
    • Biden Brings Back the Climate Hypocrites
    • On Schools, Biden Has Put Special Interests First
    • Biden is refusing to Speak Out Against the Growing Anti-Police Rhetoric in the Democrat Party
    • Biden’s Flip on Court Packing
    • Biden Says Goodbye to Biipartisanship & Hello to Extremism
    • Biden’s Georgia Boycott
    • Biden Backs the Democrats’ HR 1 Power Grab
    • Biden Embraces Far-Left Spending Proposals & a Minimum wage
    • Biden is Caving to America’s Enemies
    • Biden is now a Pro-Abortion Extremist
    • Obamacare & Biden’s Government Takeover of Healthcare
    • On Operation Warp Speed, He’s the Lying, Plagiarist in Chief
    • Biden’s COVID $1.9 Trillion Bill was a Far-Left Boondoggle
    • Republican Coronavirus Policies Worked, now Biden wants to Rewrite History
    • Biden Gives the Worst Governors in the nation a Pass
    • An Opaque Administration where one has to wonder who is Setting Policy
    • Joe Biden’s presidency has been one stumble after another. 
    • It has only been 100 days and the American people are already paying a steep price for his failures. 
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Please be sure to join us at the May Executive Committee Meeting.  It will be held on Thursday, May 13 at 7pm in the Gateway Building on Innes Street.  All Rowan County Republicans are encouraged to attend.  We are continuing work on the 2021 Lincoln Reagan Dinner and more.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Please see below for more ways to get involved in the Rowan County Republican Party.

Rowan County Meetings:
Rowan Republicans Breakfast Club - Saturday, May 1, 8:30am at Hoff's Grill.  We welcome Troy Horton, leader of the Veterans Luncheon.  For more information, please contact Ken Andrews at 704-640-8129.
Rowan County TARS (Teenage Republicans) - Saturday, May 1, 12pm -2pm at Chapel St Baptist Church in Landis.  Teens age 13-18 and their parents are invited.  For more information, please contact Susan Agner at 704-647-0168.
Rowan Republicans Executive Committee Meeting - Thursday, May 13 at 7pm at the Gateway Building 2nd Floor.  204 E Innes Street.  For more information, please contact Brad Jenkins at 980-643-0024.  All Rowan County Republicans are invited to attend.
Rowan Republican Women's Club - Thursday, May 20 at 6pm at Blue Bay on Statesville Blvd.  We will be hosting a discussion on Power Cross & School Safety.  For more information, please contact Erica Vedeikis at 704-267-1329.
Rowan County Young Republican's - Friday, May 14 at 6pm.  Location is TBD.  For more information, please contact Devin Stubbs at 704-953-0134.