2022 November Republican Candidates

2022 Republican Candidates


The Liberal insanity has to stop! You MUST vote in the 2022 election and get 5 other people to vote!
-We must take the majority in the US House and Senate. Vote for Ted Bud (Senate) and Dan Bishop (House). Stop the Biden, extreme liberal agenda and the attack on our nation from within.
-We must take the majority on the NC Supreme Court!!! The Democrat majority just voted down our Voter ID Law again, purely based on politics, not based on the state constitution or reasonable application of the law. Vote for Trey Allen and Richard Dietz.
-We must elect as many Republican judges to the NC Court of Appeals as possible. Our US Congressional maps were finalized by Appellate Court Judges for this election cycle! Vote for: Donna Stroud, Michael Stading, John Tyson, and Julee Tate Flood.
-Rowan County Commissioners: Greg Edds, Jim Greene, and Judy Klusman
-Rowan County Sheriff: Travis Allen
The following are unopposed in the General Election. Congratulations!!
-NC Legislature. NC Senate - Carl Ford; NC House Seat 76 - Harry Warren; NC House Seat 77 - Julia Howard; NC House Seat 83 - Kevin Crutchfield
-Superior Court Judge: Michael Adkins
-District Court Judge: Seat 1 Chris Sease; Seat 2 Beth Dixon; Seat 3 Cynthia Dry; Seat 4 James Randolph
-District Attorney: Brandy Cook
-Clerk of Superior Court: Todd Wyrick
-Register of Deeds: John Brindle

School Board

Seat #1 (North) - Eddie Spillman

Seat #2 (South) - Dean Hunter

Seat #4 (West) - Jimmy Greene Jr. 

Seat #7 (SouthEast) - Lynn Marsh, Michael Chapman, Brad Jenkins